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People currently do not move around the globe. Materials do – including used or waste electronics for repair, recycling, or resource recovery. To ensure smooth transactions, knowing the requirements for import and export is essential.

The legal framework applicable to the international shipment of used or waste electronics is extremely complex. Planning such transports requires thorough understanding of the national legislation of all countries along the prospective route. In order to determine the best possible route, the laws of many countries may have to be analyzed. To assist with the basic steps, we have developed a simple guidance document, available here.

In practice, however, conducting such an assessment can be an arduous and costly task. At Kummer EcoConsult, we have over the last few years built an international network of independent legal and technical experts who are familiar with their countries’ legislation, policy, and practices related to used and waste electronics. They speak the language of the country and have contacts within the competent national authorities. We have found this to be an excellent alternative to in-house expertise: For the assessment of any shipping route, we can associate exactly the right people for exactly the period required, which allows us to determine the legal requirements for the shipment with a high level of accuracy and in a cost-effective manner. Confidential treatment of potentially sensitive information is ensured.