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Legal & policy advice

For governments and development cooperation organizations

An effective legal and policy framework that supports life cycle management is a key element of any national strategy on sustainable waste and materials management. Successfully building such a framework requires understanding of the legal system of the country, the universally recognized elements of waste and materials management legislation, and the requirements of international law.
We offer

  • Assessment of existing national legal and policy frameworks applicable to sustainable materials management, including their conformity with international law and recognized standards
  • Elaboration of proposals for new legal and policy instruments or amendments to existing ones, in cooperation with the authorities in charge, taking into account successful approaches developed in other countries
  • Facilitation of exchanges and discussions among the government entities involved and interactions with stakeholders

For enterprises

‘Does the Basel Convention prohibit the export of end-of-life electronic goods from an OECD country to a non-OECD country, even if they will be refurbished in a state of the art facility?’ This is one of the many questions that arise for enterprises in today’s globalized market, where international shipment of used materials and wastes is part of daily business.

Planning transboundary shipments of used materials and devices for repair, refurbishment, recycling and resource recovery in conformity with applicable legislation requires careful planning if costly delays or stoppages are to be avoided.

We offer

  • Advice on the legal requirements for international shipments of wastes and used materials
  • Analysis of the legal frameworks of target countries to help determine the best possible routes for a shipment
  • Support for planning repair, refurbishment, recycling and resource recovery in an international context, in conformity with applicable national and international legislation